Enforcement of Code Compliance
The Code Enforcement Division receives a substantial number of complaints each year concerning alleged violations of the City Code of Ordinances. Each complaint is investigated to determine if a violation does, in fact, exist and if so to gain compliance. The vast majority of code violations are resolved informally with cooperation of the parties involved.

Filing a Complaint
To file a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 254.666.6272. Always provide the exact location of the problem, including the house number. Give specific description of the complaint.

Due Process
When addressing violations, due process is provided to all code violations. Code Enforcement issues verbal warning, written notices, and summons to appear in Hewitt Municipal Court.

Emphasis on Respect & Fairness
Code Enforcement holds a high level of respect and fairness to our citizens, business owners and visitors, as we enforce the codes of ordinances of the City of Hewitt.