Warrants for the City of Hewitt

An arrest warrant authorizes the bearer to arrest and detain the person named on the warrant. As provided by Chapter 15 of the Texas Criminal Code, a judge, magistrate, or court clerk may issue an arrest warrant.


Under Texas law a person who fails to appear may be charged with an additional and separate charge of Failure to Appear/Bail Jumping or Violate Promise to Appear. It is the policy of Hewitt Municipal Court to file this charge on any defendant who has not made an appearance.


The court may issue a warrant when:

  • A defendant violated their promise to appear on their citation, summons, or order to appear and the Court sent notice of a hearing date for their appearance to which they failed to appear or failed to make arrangements to satisfy the judgement.
  • A defendant failed to comply with the orders of a judge.
  • A defendant failed to satisfy their judgement as promised and received notice of a show cause hearing and failed to appear or provide a justifiable reason why they failed to comply with the court order.
  • A defendant failed to appear on a bond, trial, or pre-trial hearing.


Failure to make disposition on warrants may cause Texas Department of Public Safety to deny renewal of your driver’s license and the Texas DMV to deny renewal of your vehicle registration. 


Only full payment will clear the status with Texas Department of Public Safety and DMV and restore renewal status.


In addition, if your warrant(s) remain outstanding more than 60 days from the date issued, the cases may be referred to the court's collection agency. If this occurs, a collection fee of 30% of the amount owed on each offense will be added to the charge(s).


Payment Information:

No personal checks will be accepted for payment of warrants. You may pay in person, online at www.PayTPG.com, or by placing a payment in the drop box. (Please do not place cash in the drop box).

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Cashier check
  • Money Order
  • Discover card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa


Money orders and cashier’s checks should payable to Hewitt Municipal Court.


If warrants have been issued for your arrest, you may contact the court for the amount owed the court. 


NoteTo promote justice and ensure due process and the equal treatment of all persons, SAFE HARBOR is practiced at this court. When you come to the Municipal Court to inquire or pay your warrant, you will NOT be arrested.

Active Warrants 01/22/2024