Court Conduct and Attire



At your court appearance, you are expected to act appropriately and follow the rules. 


Defendants are required to be respectful of the Judge, court staff, attorneys, and litigants. 


When speaking to the Judge, you will address him as Your Honor or Judge and speak clearly. 


Cell phones and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited unless permission has been granted by the Judge for a specific purpose.


Vulgar and Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and security staff may remove a person from the courtroom if they are deterring court proceedings. 


The Judge may also hold violators in contempt of court. 

(Section 21.001 and 21.002, Government Code)



To maintain the dignity of the Court, defendants are required to wear proper attire.


The Court requests that the following list of clothing articles not be worn into the courtroom.

  1. No clothing displaying offensive or vulgar words or pictures will be permitted. (Clothing with beer, drug or sexual references, etc.) 
  2. No miniskirts or "short" shorts.
  3. No tank tops, crop tops, halter tops, or exposing the midriff.
  4. Sleeveless or muscle shirts.
  5. No baggy jeans that fall below the hips. 
  6. No hats (except for those worn for religious purposes will be allowed in the Courtroom).
  7. No transparent or sheer clothing that will expose underclothing.


The Court retains the exclusive right to define what constitutes as offensive, vulgar, or offensive clothing on an individual basis.


Consent to Search

There is no requirement of probable cause to search any person or property in the courtroom. Upon entering the building, all persons consent to a search of their persons and all their property in their possession. 


While Court is in Session

There shall not be:

  1. Any weapons allowed.
  2. Any inappropriate gestures.
  3. Any use of alcohol.
  4. Any smoking.
  5. Any load or disruptive noises
  6. Any use of electronic devices.
  7. Any chewing of gum, eating of food or drinking beverages.

The Court may enforce any additional restrictions as needed to ensure court proceedings are not hindered.