Type of municipal Government

City of Hewitt Government

The City of Hewitt is a home rule city. A city can elect to become “home rule” when its population grows over 5,000 and its citizens adopt a home rule charter. Hewitt passed its home rule charter on April 3, 1982. This charter also developed the City’s governmental structure.


Hewitt uses the council-manager form of government, which is the most common form of a municipality in Texas. It allows for the election of city council members, either at-large or by districts. The mayor is elected, considered a part of the council, and presides over them. In Hewitt, there are seven (7) council members which include the mayor. The City Council serves as the legislative body in the city. The council establishes policies, creates ordinances, approves the budget, and sets the tax rate. The council, however, hires the City Manager to handle the city’s administrative duties.

The City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the city. The City Manager is required to prepare and administer the annual budget; enforce city ordinances, rules, and regulations; supervise all municipal employees and programs; and provide information and recommendations to the council to enhance its ability to make decisions.