Hewitt is easily accessible to travelers and commerce via public highways. The city is situated on Interstate Highway 35, which is an important international conduit for people and trade. This interstate proceeds south from Hewitt through Austin, San Antonio, and Laredo where it leads into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Interstate 35 also travels north from Hewitt through Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas; Oklahoma City; Oklahoma; Wichita and Topeka, Kansas; Des Moines, Iowa; and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The interstate ends in Duluth, Minnesota; however, people and goods can enter and exit Canada by way of Minnesota State Highway 61 or U.S. Highway 53. Additional significant regional and state thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 77, U.S. Highway 84, and Texas State Highway 6.

Motor freight is actively served by more than 20 common motor carriers. Single carrier service is available to 32 MSAs in the southwest, with an overnight radius for motor carriers of 400 miles.

Air Service
Locally, the city is served by the Waco Regional Airport, General Aviation / Texas State Technical College (TSTC), and McGregor Municipal Airport. Waco Regional is served by American Eagle for passenger service. The Dallas-Fort Worth International and Austin-Bergstrom International airports are both located within a 90 minute drive of Hewitt. For more information please look at the table below.

Air Service Waco Regional TSTC McGregor Regional
Runway length 7,107 feet/5,103 feet 8,600 feet/6,291 feet 5,501 feet/3,484 feet
Runway surface Asphalt/Asphalt Asphalt/Concrete Asphalt/Asphalt
Lighted Yes Yes Yes
Fuel Yes Yes Yes
Landing system Yes Yes No
Fixed-Base operator (F.B.O.) Yes Yes Yes
*data from

The Union Railroad runs through the center of Hewitt. Industrial land use is located along the railroad tracks in the northern portion of the city. The Greater Hewitt-Waco area is also serviced by Burlington Northern Santa Fe.