Practical Safety Tips


1. Use a peephole to who's at the door - don't automatically open the door.

2. Have deadbolt locks on all exterior doors & USE THEM! Solid core doors are best. When moving into a new home or apartment, replace or re-key all the locks.

3. Females that live alone should either have unlisted numbers or use their last name & first initial. They should also avoid having their street address printed in the book if possible.

4. Report obscene, threatening or repeated anonymous calls to police.

5. After dark, make sure all window shades, curtains, blinds, etc. are closed. Make sure all doors & windows are securely locked and the exterior is well-lit. 

6. Strangers should stay outside. You can make an emergency call for them if necessary. Ask to see photographic identification from service people & plainclothes police & verify by telephone if in doubt or call the police.

7. Report ANY suspicious activity to police at once.

8. If you return home & suspect something is not right, don't go in - go elsewhere & notify the police.

9. Have additional locking devices if your home has sliding glass doors or glass in or near doors.

10. Do not put addresses, social security numbers or other identifying information on Social Media Websites.


1.Keep your windows rolled you & all doors locked at all times.

2. Be AWARE of your surroundings when parking your car or going to you car & be on the lookout for suspicious persons loitering nearby.

3. Always try to park in a busy, well-lit location.

4. When returning to your car, have your key ready beforehand - glance inside, front & rear to make sure no one is inside. Once inside your vehicle, lock it without delay.

5. Don't stop for anyone when driving alone in a secluded area. If a motorist needs help, call the police to alert them that help is needed. 

6. If you feel you are being followed or someone tries to you to stop, try to get a description of their license plate number, if possible, & drive to the nearest police station & notify the police.

7. If you return to your car & it won't start or you have a flat tire, do not accept help from a stranger. Call help immediately to someone you trust. 

8. Having a cellular phone provides excellent security & a means to summoned assistance.

9. When going someplace, let someone know when you're leaving, your route & destination & instruct them to check on you if you don't notify them of your arrival after an appropriate length of time.

10. Always be sure you have enough gas to get to your destination.

11. Be cautious about being stopped or approached by plainclothes policemen. This can be a subterfuge sometimes used to distract women. Most legitimate police officers will not mind if you refuse to stop for an unmarked car until you get to an open business or public area. Badges & flashing lights can be purchased by anyone at many places that sell police equipment.

12. When parking in a valet lot or having your car repaired, leave only your car key(s).


1. If at all possible, arrange to go places such as shopping & jogging with a friend or relative, not by yourself.

2. Always BE AWARE of your surroundings & people around you. Many criminals do not look like gangsters, but may be articulate, well-dressed, neatly groomed & adept at conning their victims.

3. Hold your purse close, never set it on counters or floors.

4. When out, try to stay in busy & well-lit areas. Walk with an air of confidence; try not to appear nervous or frightened. Don't smile or return compliments or conversation with strangers, regardless of how legitimate they appear. Be polite & confident, but brief & firm, leaving no doubt that further small talk is not welcome.

5.Carry not more cash than absolutely necessary. Keep a list of all credit cards, licenses, purse contents at home. If someone grabs your purse or attempts to rob you, don't fight back! Give it up rather than risk injury & notify the police immediately. 

6. Consider a course in self-defense; this can help you overcome fear & develop self-confidence & are offered at many colleges, YMCAs, & fitness centers.

7. It is legal to carry small O.C pepper spray dispensers; they are effective & can be purchased at many stores. Stun guns & other devices may be useful if you are trained in their use, but they also can be turned against you.

8. There is no standard response to recommend if confronted by a rapist. Remember that most rapes are perpetrated by someone the victim knows & may occur in the victim's home. If you are sexually assaulted, do not change clothes or linens or wash. Immediately notify police. 

For EMERGENCIES- Police, Fire, Ambulance- DIAL 9-1-1

For Hewitt Police, Non-Emergency or Administrative Calls- 254-666-6272

James Devlin, Chief of Police
Hewitt Police Department