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The Storm Drainage Division is responsible for storm water management. The division monitors flood control and mitigation, responds to citizen's drainage concerns and improves storm drainage quality within the City of Hewitt. For more information regarding Drainage, click HERE

Report a drainage concern using the online form here: 


Hewitt Park and Warren Park host a wide variety of activities and events, throughout the year, ranging from community-wide cultural events to individuals relaxing in the park.  The City of Hewitt's Park and Recreation Department strategic goal has been to improve the maintenance and stewardship of our parks.  Parks Maintenance staff and feedback from our community have been making our parks clean, safe and secure.  The Parks Department also maintains the pavilions before and after all reservations. The City of Hewitt Park ordinances are available to view HERE. To view and reserve a park for an event or activities click HERE.

Report Park concerns using the online form here:
Park Concern Form

The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for keeping all city streets in good repair and serviceable condition.  With the goal of preserving street surfaces to avoid more costly reconstruction, the Street Maintenance Division uses a variety of techniques to extend the life of Hewitt roadways.  The Street Maintenance Division devotes the majority of their time to street maintenance.  As weather permits, we use a variety of techniques to repair streets, potholes, curbs and signage where needed.  Citizens can help by reporting any necessary repairs. In an effort to keep our City streets clean, we will be sweeping the streets bi-annually.

Report a Street Concern using the online form here:
Street Concern Online Form

Streetlights within the City of Hewitt are maintained by ONCOR. Follow these steps to report broken bulbs, bulb outages, and damaged or leaning poles through the link below.
How to Report an Outage
   Step 1: Select or Search for a Streetlight on the Map
   Step 2:  Identify the Problem
   Step 3:  Select Report Button to Submit

Oncor will send notifications on the progress of the report. 
To report power outages, downed power lines, or streetlight outages click HERE.

Right of Ways:

Right of way maintenance ensures the roadside vegetation is properly maintained to allow safe and efficient use of city streets and sidewalks by the public.  The Street Division trims and maintains trees and other vegetation within the city ordinance.


This division is also responsible for the following:

  • Cleaning debris from the right of way before mowing;
  • Mowing ditch banks and retention basins;
  • Mowing city properties;
  • Applying herbicide to problem areas as needed.

Mowing consists of drainage ditches and retention ponds throughout the city.  Ditches and retention ponds drain from city streets and neighborhoods.  Crews are assigned to an area, where they mow ditches and retention ponds, check ditches for erosion and blockage and report back any necessary repairs.

The General Services department is responsible for the building maintenance and janitorial services  of the following City owned buildings;

  • City Hall
  • Library
  • Public Safety Buildings, Fire and Police
  • Community Services Building

For large amounts of brush or large items like tree stumps, old chairs etc., the city provides a drop-off on the third Saturday of every month at 1301 S. Hewitt Drive 8 AM until 12 Noon. Each person will have to provide a current Hewitt water bill and current driver’s license with current address. SHOULD THE CITY NEED TO  ASSIST YOU UNLOADING YOUR CARGO WITH EITHER EMPLOYEE OR EQUIPMENT, THE CITY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES. If you need a large item picked up curbside, you must call Republic Services at 1-800-860-0123, ext. 23008.

Follow this link BULK/BRUSH for more information regarding the monthly Bulk Trash and Brush Service offered. Follow this link for a MAP of the location of the collection area.  

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