VolunTeens Duties & Rules

VolunTeens Duties & Rules

Please read this carefully. If you have any questions, please ask one of the librarians for assistance. All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.


  • To work three to seven hours a week, but no more than four hours per day
  • To perform light librarian duties, including but not limited to:
    • Shelve books and straighten bookshelves
    • Help with story time, activities, and movie days
    • Assist with art projects such as cutting, gluing, etc.
    • Carry out additional tasks assigned by a librarian
  • All Volunteens are expected to wear a name tag (provided by the library)
  • You are expected to call in advance if you cannot work the time or day that you are scheduled, and to schedule special days off in advance
  • All Volunteens must sign in and out every time they work
  • All Volunteens are expected to be friendly and helpful to all patrons
  • Our Volunteens are not expected to know everything. If they don’t know the answer or procedure, ask a librarian


  • Only Volunteens are allowed in the workroom and behind circulation desk (no friends, etc.)
  • All personal calls must be taken in the workroom and limited to five minutes
  • Cell phones may only be used in workroom
  • Only when scheduled to work can a Volunteen be behind circulation desk or in the workroom.
  • SMILE!