The library currently has approximately 600 audiobooks to choose from. Audiobooks are not only great for road trips, they can be enjoyed anytime it’s not convenient to sit down with a book. An audiobook can make walking or bike riding, cleaning the house, working on craft projects, and countless other activities more enjoyable.

Audiobooks can be very helpful to those suffering from eyesight or mobility problems too. The majority of the library’s audiobooks are unabridged editions which means the book is presented in its entirety.

IMG_6631 Playaway Devices

New to the library is a collection of Playaway devices. These portable devices hold an entire audio book conveniently housed in its own digital player. They only weigh about 2 ounces and fit in your pocket. You only need to plug in your headphones and go!

If you don't have your own headphones you may purchase some from the library for $1. Lanyards that attach to the Playaway device so that you may wear it around your neck are also available for $1 at the circulation desk