Recent Activity

Stormwater Walk -Saturday, April 13, 2019

     The City of Hewitt partnered with Midway Woodgate 5th grade science class to participate in a Stormwater Walk. The purpose of the walk was to educate both students and residents about natural/human-made pollutants and their harmful effects. The walk was funded as a part of a sub-grant received by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) given to the Baylor Lake Waco Wetlands Academy. The students and their families were led by their teachers as well as Baylor University professors on a one-mile walk through a Hewitt neighborhood. On this walk, they gained first-hand experience on the human impacts of stormwater runoff. Students then created a presentation for the community to emphasize the importance of minimizing pollutants. 

Hazardous Waste Day -Saturday, June 1, 2019

     At the Hazardous Waste Day event, about 700 households from Hewitt, Waco, Woodway, and Lakeview brought in waste for recycling or proper disposal. People brought unwanted household chemicals, electronics, batteries, light bulbs and CFLs, tires, oil, and also paint. From these households, almost 500 brought in paint and 200 brought electronics, which will be reused at city facilities. Additionally, 622 scrap tires were brought in for recycling. 2019's event had a significant increase in the previous year's with over 200 more households participating.

Trees and Benches Added to Local Parks
    -Summer, 2019

    Since late May, employees of Hewitt Community Services have planted trees and benches at local parks including Hewitt Park and Warren Park. 

    Future installments are being planned in both parks and in  additional locations as well.